My Son Is Small For His Age

My Son Is Small For His Age. My son is 2yrs 7 months and for a while everytime i took him to his well baby checkups he was smaller in weight/height compare to kids his age. Then, like lightening, he shot up, and now he is 6’3″, not to mention strong and athletic.

Middle Age Father With His Little Son Having Fun Together Outdoors
Middle Age Father With His Little Son Having Fun Together Outdoors from

He is following the same centile line (between. He is nearly 14, but not close to puberty. He is 41 inches and 34 lbs.

Then, Like Lightening, He Shot Up, And Now He Is 6’3″, Not To Mention Strong And Athletic.

The doctor found that there were. My son is 14.5, small for his age and showing no signs of puberty. His grandparents (father side) are always saying that he is too small for his age, i agree that he.

I’m Constantly Being Told By People Oh Wow He’s So Tiny For His Age.

He is nearly 14, but not close to puberty. In spite of his size, he’s a healthy kid, although he didn’t have the greatest start in life. From his first visit to the pediatrician, my oldest son, now 12, has always hovered around the low end of that great equalizer of child development:

“Austin Has Never Voiced Any Concern About Being Small,” Concurs Kimble.

My sonis 6 and was born small (5lb 3oz at full term) due to the umbilical cord being too thin which went undetected during pregnancy however his growth was monitored. His hgh levels are normal, and everything else seems to be normal (his bone age is 12 3. My son is barely over 4' at age 12 so it's hard for me to imagine he'll sprout.

Mom Is Tall 5'7 Dad Is 6' S.

At 14, my son was the smallest in his year and got very down about it. His predicted adult height is 5'4. Do get the facts about treatment.

When I See Him Amongst All Kids His Age And Younger, He Appears Way Too Small.

I am.eondering why my son is so small for his age. He didn't use to be a picky eater, but now he. He has always been below the bottom centile for his height and between the ages of 2 and 3 he underwent many tests to rule out anything that could be causing his growth problems.