My Son Has No Motivation To Do Anything

My Son Has No Motivation To Do Anything. I don't have a job, i don't have a diploma. “how about you try yourself first,” i suggest.

Motivate And Get Children Reading On Their Own MissKorang
Motivate And Get Children Reading On Their Own MissKorang from

When you have no motivation to do anything, it means you’re depleted and need to urgently focus on replenishing all areas, including your mind, body, emotions, and spirit on all levels. He can’t even find his assignments in the mess. I was the same way at 17.

My 14 Year Old Son Has No Interests Whatsoever In Anything Except Being On His Computer Or Video Games.

“i want you to do your homework now.”. I've paid for over a year of therapy, out of my own pocket, which did get him out of bed, but not much more. No motivation happens when we just don’t want to do anything.

No One Will Hire Me.

He refuses to talk to a therapist even though she feels he may be depressed. For instance, if your children are lagging behind in a particular subject and you deal with the situation in a harsh manner, they may simply shut down. If they want to rest and lie down.

Stress Can Be A Reason Why You Lack Motivation.

Time flies by fast, don't get left in the dirt. All he does is mess around on his computer and chat to online friends. You’re excited about the big picture of it all, and making progress is your middle name.

He Is Bright But Lazy.

I still have no motivation now. My son has similar issue. But if you have positive motivation to do whatever it takes, you can accomplish anything.

If Your Child Has No Motivation, You Know By Now That Telling Them That They “Need To Work Harder” Does Not Increase Their Motivation.

We mess up the work presentation, end relationships, miss important meetings. It can play out in many ways when it comes to motivation. “my son is 14 and has no sense of time or urgency.